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Traditional Catholic Prayers



We believe it is important for the children to learn as many of the traditional Catholic prayers as possible.

Recently, we introduced a special prayer time which we call "Oremus".  During Oremus, we spend time learning our year group prayers, but also listening to the ones we will learn in the following year.

Prayer Books

Each child has their own prayer book for each school year, to enable them to learn the traditional prayers set out in "Teach Us to Pray".

Click on the link below to see the Year 6 Prayer Book:

Teach Us to Pray


The Angelus


We  have chosen the Angelus as our school prayer, because it recounts the time when Mary submitted to God's will and allowed God to become incarnate by bringing Jesus into the world.


We had a drawing competition across the school to create an image to go on the front of our prayer cards.  This was the winning design.

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