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To develop in our pupils a love and curiosity for the written and spoken word. For pupils to become discerning in their use of a rich language and interpretation of text, preparing well for their future studies and to become confident and eloquent as they move towards their bright future.

Essential Characteristics of Writers:

  • The ability to write fluently and with interesting detail across a range of genres within fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  • A vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing.
  • A developed vocabulary and a knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description.
  • Well-organised and structured writing, which includes a variety of sentence structures.
  • Excellent transcription skills to ensure that their writing is fluent, has automaticity and is well presented.
  • A secure knowledge of the use of punctuation and a confident application of the rules of spelling.
  • A love of writing and an appreciation of its educational, cultural and entertainment values.

"My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer." Psalm 45:1

English Handbook and Progression:

Writing at St. Mary's:

At. St. Mary’s, we recognise the importance of writing in all areas of the curriculum. It is with this at the forefront of our minds that we aim to provide all of the learners with the key literacy skills in all their forms, in order for them to develop their ability to speak confidently, listen attentively, write and read fluently for a range of purposes.

English teaching is lively, engaging and involves a carefully planned blend of approaches that allows learners to access all areas of the curriculum, enabling lifelong learning (as well as helping them to achieve academic success).

Key Features: The Write Stuff. *Note: Started Spring 1 - 2024

🌟 The Write Stuff builds pupils’ confidence with sentence structure.

🌟 The approach widens the repertoire of writing options for pupils.

🌟 Pupils gain an understanding of the ‘whole’ piece that they are writing.

🌟 Organisation of their ideas and cohesion between them is strengthened.

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