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Maths Curriculum Intent:

At St. Mary’s, we aim to instil in pupils a love of number and pattern which will lead to the development of strong arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving skills which will fit them well for the future. Maths is about exploring, mastering skills in counting and developing an understanding of number. It involves exploring shape and pattern, and measurement through activities which contextualise skills and knowledge. Maths develops a curiosity in the world around us, offers solutions to problems and helps to develop greater independence as our learners grow.

Maths: Implementation

So teach us to number our days so that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

Our Curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is augmented by White Rose Resources. This is to give pupils further opportunities for implementing knowledge and skills into long term memory. To give a greater consideration towards teacher workload, and with our desire to improve, we use these resources. Despite our improving Maths outcomes, we are conscious of the workload of staff and will move fully to the White Rose curriculum in September. 

Our Aims:

• bring greater coherence to the national curriculum by exposing core concepts in the national curriculum and demonstrating progression from year 1 to year 6
• Summarise the most important knowledge and understanding within each year group and important connections between these mathematical topics teach Mastery maths with the CPA approach.

• Fact Fluency- Number Sense Scheme to be followed in KS1 And Y3
• Number Sense- Times Tables Scheme Y3 & Y4
• EYFS use Number Sense Early Years which covers the statutory Number teaching.
• The Rosenshine’s Principles are addressed through daily Retrieve and Review tasks, demonstrating long and short term retrieval activities.

EYFS have daily Maths routines which include things such as; counting songs, Number story books, Numberblocks episodes.

St. Mary's curriculum follows the Mastery approach and we aim to...

- teach less, learn more: less teacher talk and more evidencing work and progress.
- ensure that no child is left behind: all children are enabled to keep up every day.
- provide space and time to experience and apply, with all children entitled to additional support to ensure they do not fall behind or to go deeper.
- use real life applications wherever possible to make learning relevant and not abstract; nothing should be taught without a purpose.
- teach all children in class, together, most of the time.
- organise children working in mixed ability pairs/groups.
- give verbal feedback during lessons and intervention sessions, shortened comments in books and more ticking of correct concepts.
- spend longer on one idea.
- give children who need it additional support during same day intervention sessions.

Lesson Structure:

  • R+R (WR Flashbacks & Teacher Crafted)
  • Class Guided, Episodic teaching, modelling and recording to build fluency.
  • Independent activity.
  • Assessment throughout.
  • Go Deeper—assessment reasoning & PS.


Maths Curriculum Progression:

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