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Geography Curriculum Intent:

To encourage a greater understanding and knowledge of the world and our pupils place in it and through curiosity and fascination learn concepts and skills. Through active investigating, pupils will ask and answer discerning questions about the diverse natural and human world.

Geography Curriculum: Implementation

At St. Mary’s, the Geography curriculum has been specifically written for and tailored to our pupil’s interests and it is developed by the wider curriculum. The Breadth of Study and the key skills are mapped out progressively from EYFS to Y6 and links are made to key English texts, historical eras of study and key Science objectives. This ensures that the focus is on the geographical skills and knowledge, which can then be enhanced through curriculum links and application.

Key Features:

• Detailed curriculum mapping across all key stages that is progressive.
• The curriculum is mapped out in three key areas; the focus for learning, mapping use/knowledge and geographical skills.
• Over the academic year 3 units will be taught. Each unit has a focus that MUST be taught alongside the mapping and skills outlined below.
• Wider curriculum links to deepen understanding and knowledge.
• High quality class texts have been secured to support the Geography curriculum.
• Access to resources and schemes of work through school membership of Oddizzi.

A St. Mary's Geographer has...

- A strong understanding of physical and human geography and are able to apply their geographical knowledge to real-life situations.
- They understand their responsibilities towards the environment and the impacts of human activities on natural resources.
- A deepened understanding of global issues such as climate change, migration, and poverty.
- In addition, they have a solid understanding of cultural diversity and respect for different points of view.

Geography Curriculum Progression:

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